Forbidden Love — The Final Submissions!

By psiloveyou
2018.02.14. 20:55

Forbidden Love — The Final Submissions!This newsletter is brought to you by Bombas. Dress socks reinvented — discover the most comfortable socks in the history of feet. Bombas is offering 20% off with promo ARTMARKETING.So, that’s it. We’ve reached the end of our Forbidden Love prompt.And… WOW. As of today — Valentine’s Day — we’ve received over 80 submissions. And those submissions have earned a walloping 23,000 claps.Honestly, I’m blown away. The pieces that were submitted were incredible.In honor of the late St. Valentine, who sacrificed his life in the name of forbidden love, here are all those incredible submissions:A Poem My Love Needed Crystal King-CharlesIn a Hotel Room Under Covers Darren StehleBloodlust Kay BoldenRequiem Zarina DaraLove That Never Lost Ashwini DodaniToxic Devotion Sarah RoseA Love Poem to Poetry Brian McFaddenThe Forbidden is the Sweetest Terrye TurpinCan’t Stop Myself From Watching Louise Foersterbarefoot, needing Daphelba DeBeauvoirMy First Time, The Worst Time Darren StehleNo White Boys Heath HoustonReturn to Sender Hugh BlackthorneSomewhere Along the Way Alex WuTwo Months Later Graham Wooda blade of honey between our shadows ZevThe Forbidden Love of Freedom Sravani SahaAllah Loves Zak AlvarezTraces Lauren WeisensteinAn Endless Wait Anirudh MadhavThe Unsent Letter Catherine MartyThe Heart-Shaped Donut Dan BelmontUnbidden Desire TerijoLove is Love Patricia PetersenSuspense Janeen G.Flirting with Rick the Dick in the City of Lights Darren StehleSubway Sessions CwTouch me not! Shreya ParasharLovesick ChikoodalLove From a Distance Randy CooperShadows in the Darkness...

psiloveyou - Forbidden Love — The Final Submissions!
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