Everything Changed When I Looked In That Mirror.

By psiloveyou
2018.02.14. 20:09

Last night I was sleeping, deep in a dream,I saw myself perfect, with full self-esteem,I marvelled and asked, how can I be like you?My perfect self said, there’s one thing you should do!The HOW is so simple, I’ll tell you that first,There’s no need to question yourself WHY it works.You see it’s not theory, but action that helps,Experience, not a new book on the shelf.Truth is you already know what to do,What’s missing is something to motivate you.So when you feel down, do you ever consider,That I live inside your bathroom mirror?Each morning you see me looking at you,This is exactly what I want you to do.Give me a smile, hold on to my gaze,Breathe in, let it out, then truthfully say,“I am so confident, I can do anything”,And keep saying those words until your heart sings!Heartfelt repetition rewires your brain,The love and attention will heal all your pain.The secret is simple, you’re already perfect,Just sometimes blinded by what you expect.So keep saying those words, again and again,And soon it will hit you — that we are best friends!I woke up in shock, but I did what was asked,I felt my world shift as I looked in that glass,It all became clear, the first time I could see,My true self smiling back at me.Everything Changed When I Looked In That Mirror. was originally published in P.S....

psiloveyou - Everything Changed When I Looked In That Mirror.
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